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    Astronomers’ Dark Energy Hopes Fade to Gray

    If so, as the universe grows, it will expand faster and faster and run away from itself. Eventually other galaxies would be flying away so fast that we couldn’t see them. The universe would become dark and cold. The cosmologist Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State once described this as “the worst possible universe.” Continue reading […]

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    Trump Blames Obama and Democrats for Failing to Stop Russian Meddling

    The president has repeatedly seized on the fact that the efforts started before he became a candidate, but has glossed over the conclusion that they evolved toward supporting his candidacy. The indictment does not assert any wrongdoing by the president or anyone affiliated with him. In another tweet on Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has tried […]

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    Bedroom makeover: how to get a good nights sleep

     Interiors blogger and stylist Eve Gunson shows you how to design the perfect room for catching plenty of sleep.   Calmness is key: Creating a space that provides a sense of relaxation and restfulness is the most important factor and freshly washed bed linen can really help you drift off. Try washing your sheets once […]

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    The Grown-Up Web, Branding Details, And Browser Fast Forward — Smashing Magazine

    Summary Table of Contents Quick Summary Staying on top of the newest techniques, browser updates, and hot topics can be hard. Anselm Hannemann summarized what happened in the web industry in the past few weeks, so you can easily catch up on everything new and important. Every profession is a wide field where many people […]

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    Obama Portraits Are Sending Messages to Alpha Centauri

    Two fringe groups and a deranged scientist are all claiming that the Obama’s official White House portraits are being used to send messages to the next galaxy, possibly giving an all clear for an alien invasion. “Maybe that’s not what is happening here, but can we really take that chance?” spoke the deranged scientist. One […]

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    Could Your Devices Cause a Massive Security Breach at Work?

    Many companies These Massive Companies Came From Humble Beginnings These Massive Companies Came From Humble Beginnings Read More let their employers access important services with their own devices. Most of the time, this doesn’t cause any problems, but it does remove a bit of control. If a big mistake Are You Making These 6 Password Manager […]

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    How Artificial Intelligence Is Edging Its Way Into Our Lives

    He called the software Waymo’s “secret sauce.” Waymo and Uber spent only four days at trial last week before settling, with Uber agreeing to provide Waymo 0.34 percent of its stock, worth about $245 million. The dispute between the companies started in 2016 when Uber bought Otto, a start-up founded by Anthony Levandowski, an early […]

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    Chunky Wool Winter Sweaters that Will Keep You Warm and Stylish

    Toggle Navigation Men’s Journal 6 Chunky Wool Winter Sweaters that Will Keep You Warm and Stylish Sweater Weather Photograph by Ben Alsop The chunky wool sweater isn’t just for hiding under a ski jacket. These refined versions will keep you warm and still look good in winter’s worst. Powered by VIP Source link

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    L.L. Bean Changes Lifetime Guarantee to One-Year Return Policy

    L.L. Bean’s return policy has been nothing short of exceptional since its inception in 1911: its products carried a lifetime guarantee. For decades, the outdoors brand has let customers return apparel and shoes with dissatisfactory quality whether it’s been 10 days or 10 years— with hardly any questions asked. But now a dark age descends […]

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