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    Using Ethics In Web Design — Smashing Magazine

    Every design decision is a decision made on behalf of other people, those we often refer to as “end-users.” As the creators of designed experiences used by people all over the world, it is our responsibility to think carefully about how our decisions impact the person on the other end of the conversation. Even small […]

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    Video Game Design And Storytelling — Smashing Magazine

    As technologies change and design techniques evolve, it’s inevitable that we’d experience massive growth in terms of design quality. There are similar parallels we can see within video game design as well. For instance: This was CERN, the very first website back in 1991. Just some basic HTML and ample white space: This example from […]

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    Lessons Learned In Creating The Reduce App (Case Study) — Smashing Magazine

    Sketch had brought totally new standards for file sizes. You no longer see 10 GB Photoshop files all over the place. Nevertheless, huge Sketch files exist, and they slow down Sketch. As a result, your productivity slows down as well. Let’s be honest: It’s not the design files that become bigger by magic. It’s designers […]