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    Astronomers’ Dark Energy Hopes Fade to Gray

    If so, as the universe grows, it will expand faster and faster and run away from itself. Eventually other galaxies would be flying away so fast that we couldn’t see them. The universe would become dark and cold. The cosmologist Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State once described this as “the worst possible universe.” Continue reading […]

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    Obama Portraits Are Sending Messages to Alpha Centauri

    Two fringe groups and a deranged scientist are all claiming that the Obama’s official White House portraits are being used to send messages to the next galaxy, possibly giving an all clear for an alien invasion. “Maybe that’s not what is happening here, but can we really take that chance?” spoke the deranged scientist. One […]

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    Hillary Clinton Named Proper President of United States

    Seems that last year, Newsweek magazine published an essay by Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig. You gotta believe Harvard. It ain’t Trump University. Professor Lessig speculated, that if Robert Mueller found evidence of Russian interference in a conspiracy with Trump to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, Trump would have to resign, along with his […]

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    Our First Impressions of the New Smart Speaker

    A first listen to the Apple HomePod, the much anticipated smart speaker first announced in October 2017, confirms that it was worth the wait. The tech giant made the speakers available for preorder on January 26, and they’ll start shipping and appearing in Apple stores on February 9. Everything You Need to Get Movie Theater […]