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    North Korea To Step Up Nuclear Program

    North Korea has announced that it is to cease its nuclear program after a high-level previously-unnanounced ‘video meeting’ between its leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. In reality, however, they are to step-up their program. President Trump and Mr Jong-un met ‘across the table’ via Skype, and, according to some of those involved, […]

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    Stylish Glasses for Under $100 You Can Buy Online

    The days of spending hundreds of dollars on eyewear should be over, thanks to a slew of online outlets that can build and ship prescription glasses to you for less than a C-note. In the past few years, competition has brought prices down, and a virtual-try-on feature is common. RELATED: Best Sunglasses for Men A […]

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    JRPG Becomes the First Game Banned in the UK for Over a Decade

    Share. The game has been banned over concerns that it sexualises children. By Shabana Arif Omega Labyrinth Z, a JRPG from Japanese studio Matrix Software and published by PQube, has been banned in the UK. It’s the first title to have been banned in the country since 2007, when Manhunt 2 was refused classification. In […]

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    Brilliant Indians Risked It All On The Hottest Virtual Currency

    Rahul first heard of the virtual currency called bitcoin four years ago while playing multi-player online games. “There was an option to buy lives and resurrect your character so I traded my bitcoin stash,” says Rahul, who goes by just his first name. One life for 500 bits (one bit is one millionth of a bitcoin) was not a […]