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    Redesigning A Digital Interior Design Shop (A Case Study) — Smashing Magazine

    Good products are the result of a continual effort in research and design. And, as it usually turns out, our designs don’t solve the problems they were meant to right away. It’s always about constant improvement and iteration. I have a client called Design Cafe (let’s call it DC). It’s an innovative interior design shop […]

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    The 8 Coolest Barbershops in the United States Right Now

    Even better than a favorite local watering hole is a great place to get a trim on the regular. Some of these barbershop spots will serve you a drink, too. Here, we picked the coolest barbershops in the United States. Time to get a new haircut. America’s Best Classic Barbershops   Source link

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    Treatment options for coping with stress and anxiety

    Everybody has moments of anxiety, deep worry and high stress; here are a few treatment options available during those times. Counselling   The good news is that treatment for anxiety – for those that seek it out – is usually successful. Your first port of call is your GP to discuss your options and receive […]

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    Trump Blames Obama and Democrats for Failing to Stop Russian Meddling

    The president has repeatedly seized on the fact that the efforts started before he became a candidate, but has glossed over the conclusion that they evolved toward supporting his candidacy. The indictment does not assert any wrongdoing by the president or anyone affiliated with him. In another tweet on Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has tried […]

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    The Grown-Up Web, Branding Details, And Browser Fast Forward — Smashing Magazine

    Summary Table of Contents Quick Summary Staying on top of the newest techniques, browser updates, and hot topics can be hard. Anselm Hannemann summarized what happened in the web industry in the past few weeks, so you can easily catch up on everything new and important. Every profession is a wide field where many people […]

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    15:17 to Paris Review: Eastwood’s Real-Life Hero Tale Falls Short

    Director Clint Eastwood returns with The 15:17 to Paris, a film about heroism portrayed by its actual heroes. Spencer Stone, Alex Skarlatos, and Anthony Sadler grew up together in Sacramento, California. Lifelong best friends, the men went on a European vacation in August of 2015. On the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris, they thwarted […]